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Asbestos Safety

Your home may contain asbestos if it was built or refurbished before the year 2000.

When asbestos is in good condition and not disturbed or damaged, it is not a danger. Once disturbed, for example carrying out improvements or DIY works in your home, asbestos fibres may become airborne and a possible risk to health.

Typically, asbestos material can be found in your home in older floor tiles normally 225mm x 225mm and various colours but are thicker than modern tiles. Also, in decorative coatings like Artex on walls and ceilings if you are unsure do not disturb these materials.

Why Asbestos safety is so important!

Asbestos has been around for a long time with some of the earliest uses being recorded by Egyptians using them on mummy bindings and shrouds and was classed as the wonder material of the world given its resistance to decay from fire, water and most chemicals and was introduced into many household items. The biggest expanse in its use was in the sixties in the construction of homes, some of which we now manage. However, since the 1950’s we have started to fully understand the health problems that people working with asbestos have developed. It is important to note that Asbestos is only harmful if disturbed in an uncontrolled way by releasing fibres into the air that we then breath in which can lead to ongoing health issues later in life as the effects from Asbestos take a long time to develop.

What can you do to help us keep you safe from the harm caused by Asbestos?

Please contact us before carrying out any DIY e.g. replacing floor coverings.

Asbestos safety and what we do

Asbestos surveys

We carry out asbestos surveys ahead of any refurbishment works e.g., a new kitchen, new roof, and intrusive repairs such as replacing a floor covering, to keep customers and our colleagues safe.

There is no legal obligation to survey all our properties unless carrying out significant work, only common shared areas must be surveyed. All these communal areas and garages sites, have a survey and where asbestos is present, we inspect these on an annual basis with a competent UKAS accredited company to make sure they remain safe.

All the information from these surveys and inspections are detailed in our asbestos register and updated when changes occur. Information contained in the register is shared with all contractors that provide servicing or repairs to our properties.

When Asbestos needs to be removed, we use specialist contractor to do the work. Asbestos removal contractors hold a license from the HSE to remove asbestos and are members of ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association).

Asbestos safety and what you need to do

If you suspect there is Asbestos material that has been damaged in your home or common areas, keep others and yourself out of the area, let us know as soon as you can so we can check the register and decide how to deal with it if required. Never disturb materials that you suspect may be Asbestos, especially when undertaking DIY projects, always let us know your plans so we can advise you accordingly. There is a wealth of information regarding Asbestos on the internet if you need to research what you may suspect is Asbestos material.

Guidance and advice can be found on the HSE website