On Wednesdays our phone lines will not be available until 10 am. If you have an emergency please call 0800 0850 160. For routine enquires and repairs or to pay your rent please log in to your mybdht account here Our call wait times are longer than usual, please call between 3pm and 5pm when we are quieter
Your Rent / Service Charges

Communal cleaning

This is the charge for cleaning of the communal areas of your block. If your block is not being maintained to the desired standard, please contact us to discuss the issue.

Communal energy

This covers the cost of providing electricity to communal areas of the block and is based on actual use as per the electricity bill.

Grounds maintenance

This cost relates to providing the ground maintenance to external communal areas and includes grass cutting, rubbish removal, herbicide for weeds and pruning and cutting hedges. If your area is not being maintained to the desired standard, please contact us to discuss the issue.

Door entry

This covers the cost of providing and maintaining a door entry system to your block. This includes repairs to the door entry system but not damage to the communal door.

Communal water

This is a charge for a water supply in relation to your block. This could be either an internal water supply in the communal area or a supply on the external wall of a block.

Water testing

bdht has a duty of care to manage and monitor hot and cold water services within our buildings, we deliver this through an external consultant implementing a water testing programme in line with the recommendations of the ACOP L8 regulation.

Administration charge

To cover some of its costs in relation to providing services, bdht sets an administration charge based on 15% of the cost of the maintenance service it provides.

Fire safety

This charge is to cover the annual contract for the testing and maintenance of any fire safety systems, such as emergency lighting or fire alarms (whichever is present within your block). Also, we are required to carry out Fire Risk Assessments on all our properties, where a communal area exists. This is to ensure bdht achieves compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO).

Managing agent charge

This represents a charge paid by bdht to third party management companies who maintain and upkeep some of our newer estate developments, for example by carrying out grounds maintenance work or road cleaning.


This represents a charge paid by bdht to third party contractors who service and maintain septic tanks in the grounds of some properties that are not connected to a mains sewerage system.

Equipment maintenance

This cost relates to repairing, maintaining and replacing, where necessary, the laundry equipment in communal areas of some schemes.

Lift maintenance

This cost relates to maintaining communal lifts.

PAT electrical testing of communal equipment

All portable electrical equipment used in communal areas of our schemes must be tested annually to ensure they comply with safety regulations. This charge represents the cost of a qualified electrician to carry out these tests.