On Wednesdays our phone lines will not be available until 10 am. If you have an emergency please call 0800 0850 160. For routine enquires and repairs or to pay your rent please log in to your mybdht account here Our call wait times are longer than usual, please call between 3pm and 5pm when we are quieter
Repairs Q&A
  • Phone: Freephone 0800 0850 160 or 01527 557557
  • Online via the mybdht online customer portal www.mybdht.co.uk
  • Text: 83080 start your message with the word bdht
  • Email: contactus@bdht.co.uk
  • In person: bdht offices, Buntsford Court


lease ensure the area is clear of items, free from hazards and is in a clean, sanitised state in order for the operative to carry out the repair. For example:

  • If you have a leak under a sink, please remove all items within the cupboard to provide access
  • Remove floor coverings if access is needed to the floor underneath
  • If you are vulnerable and require assistance/support to clear the area or to enable the repair to be completed, please let bdht know prior to your appointment
  • The operative will ask you to locate yourself into another room whilst the works are completed. This ensures you and your family’s safety and that of the operative. If you refuse, the operative may not be able to complete the works within your home
  • Ensure the person that is providing access is aged 16 or over
  • Ensure any animals are contained in a different area to where the operative is working
  • Please refrain from smoking whilst the operative is completing the works within your home

The operative will:

  • Show their ID
  • Wear shoe covers if entering your home
  • Use dust covers as required
  • Keep equipment or materials in your home safe to avoid risk to you or your visitors
  • Ask you to clear the area if you have not already done so
  • Demonstrate that the repair has been completed
  • If another appointment needs to be booked, they will confirm a date if possible
  • If we cannot complete the repair, we will explain what will happen next
  • Ensure that your home is left clean and free of rubbish arising from the work

bdht is responsible for the structure of the property and the major elements within them. This includes:

  • The roof
  • Outside walls, doors and windows
  • Drains, gutters and pipes
  • Internal walls, skirting boards and doors
  • Major internal plastering
  • Access pathways, steps and ramps
  • Garage and brick built sheds
  • Boundary walls and fences which are next to communal land
  • Heating and hot water
  • Repairs to your own belongings
  • Replacing locks if you have lost the keys or the cost if we replace them
  • Your own appliances including cookers, washing machines, etc
  • Any repairs to improvements you have made
  • Damage caused by you or your visitors
  • Any alteration or upgrade to fixtures and fittings completed by you
  • Any items gifted to you
  • Any items that are included in the A-Z guide within this leaflet as your responsibility