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As part of ASB awareness week, Bromsgrove District Housing Trust (bdht) joined forces with Safer Bromsgrove and Bromsgrove Police to raise awareness of anti-social behaviour, and how the people of Bromsgrove can help to combat it,

The three teams came together on the 19th July, asking the public in Bromsgrove High Street to gauge safety concerns and offer advice on what people can do if they feel their anti-social behaviour issues aren’t being dealt with.

The teams work together throughout the year and come together if a Community Trigger is made, to work collaboratively in finding solutions to anti-social behaviour issues across the area, and address concerns of residents. As part of the initiative, free security aids were also handed out on the day.

Annette Trow, Communities Manager at bdht, said: “As a not-for-profit organisation, everything we do is about best serving our residents. During ASB awareness week, we want to highlight the work that the communities’ team within bdht, with the help of Safer Bromsgrove and Bromsgrove police, do to help our customers combat anti-social behaviour and to empower our community with the tools to deal with these issues.”

David Rischmiller, Community safety product officer at Safer Bromsgrove said, “Today we are driven towards what people’s entitlement is around anti-social behaviour, if residents feel that agencies, whether that be the council, housing associations or the police, haven’t dealt with their issue, they have the right to a review. Due to a number of concerning cases in the past, legislation was put in place to try and tackle this, known as the Community Trigger.

“The focus here today is to educate locals about their rights and point them in the right direction if anti-social behaviour issues arise. The Victims Commission Report dictates that knowledge surrounding the Community Trigger needs to be readily available which is why we are here today, as part  ASB awareness week, sharing this message.”

If you know of any anti-social behaviour in your area which needs to be reported please get in contact with either bdht (if you are a customer), Safer Bromsgrove or Bromsgrove Police who will try to find a solution to any issues raised.

John Whitwam, Director of Housing & Communities commented that “Feeling safe is important. Our focus is to build vibrant communities together, and we are working closely with other agencies including the local Police and Safer Bromsgrove to target anti-social behaviour, and we have seen positive results.”

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