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bdht is creating new shared tenancy accommodation specifically designed for local, single people, aged under 35.

Anyone on Housing Benefit who started their tenancy after April 2016 is linked to the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) that states under 35s are only entitled to a shared room rate, which is significantly lower than the previous one bedroom accommodation option.  As a result, those seeking employment, single and under 35 will face a significant shortfall to meet their rent in April 2019.

Following the ruling, bdht has taken steps to help local people affected, and is currently converting properties into accommodation that two people can share.  Tenants will be given their own shared accommodation agreement that includes rent and all bills, and will be required to work with bdht’s Driving Futures team working to support people to enter employment. Once they have sustained permanent employment for six months, then they will be entitled to move to one of bdht’s one bedroom self-contained properties.

The shared properties created under the new initiative come complete with all carpets, flooring and blinds, as well as a set of communal furniture, including white goods.

Bromsgrove District Council have worked in partnership with bdht on the shared tenancy scheme and provided support to ensure the properties are affordable for local residents.

John Whitwam, Head of Housing Solutions at bdht, said: “The LHA ruling limited options for single, young people in need of accommodation and so we are delighted to announce our latest initiative dedicated to serving our local community and helping those affected.”

Anyone, single, under 35 and seeking employment, looking for housing accommodation in Bromsgrove can find out more information and apply for the new shared tenancy initiative at www.homechoiceplus.org.uk.

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