On Wednesdays our phone lines will not be available until 10 am. If you have an emergency please call 0800 0850 160. For routine enquires and repairs or to pay your rent please log in to your mybdht account here Our call wait times are longer than usual, please call between 3pm and 5pm when we are quieter
Repairs we charge for

Repairs we charge for


If something requires repair or replacement because it has broken due to an accident, neglect, vandalism or something that is not fair wear, you will be charged for this repair.

If the repair is an emergency, we will attend to make it safe and confirm the costs after the works have been completed. For nonessential or non-emergency repairs, we will let you know how much the repairs will cost and will ask for payment before the repair is carried out.

If your home is damaged due to a criminal offence, you will need to provide a crime reference number from the police. If you provide us with this and the police agree that the cause is a result of crime, you will not be charged for the work.

we recommend that you take out home contents insurance to help to cover damage to your personal belongings from accidental damage, fire and theft.